Federal Aviation Administration
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Data Current as of: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 08:31:00 UTC

!BTV 07/102 6B0 AD AP 100LL FUEL NOT AVBL 1707142020-1708112300
!BTV 07/101 6B0 APRON NORTH T HANGARS RAMP CLSD 1707142019-1708112300
!BTV 07/100 6B0 TWY A NORTH 1500FT CLSD 1707142018-1708112300
!BTV 07/099 6B0 RWY 01 LEAD ON CL MARKINGS LEFT SIDE NOT STD 1707142015-1708312100
!BTV 07/098 6B0 AD AP ALL SFC WIP CONST NW SIDE 1707142014-1708112300
!BTV 07/097 6B0 TWY B CLSD 1707142014-1708112300
!BTV 07/096 6B0 RWY 01 THR DISPLACED 140FT 1707142010-1709302000
!BTV 07/095 6B0 RWY 01/19 CHANGED TO 3200FT X 60FT DECLARED DIST: 
RWY 01 TORA 3200FT TODA 3200FT ASDA 3200FT LDA 3060FT. 
RWY 19 TORA 3060FT TODA 3060FT ASDA 3060FT LDA 3060FT. 1707142007-1709302000
!BTV 07/094 6B0 APRON MAIN RAMP E 15FT WIP IRREGULAR SFC 1707141853-1708042300
!BTV 07/093 6B0 APRON MAIN RAMP E 15FT CLSD 1707141851-1708042300

Number of NOTAMs:  10        End of Report