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Data Current as of: Wed, 06 May 2015 15:30:00 UTC

!ECP 05/006 ECP OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1273804) 301923.30N0853543.00W (10.6NM ESE ECP) 280.8FT (257.9FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1505051218-1505201218
!ECP 05/005 ECP OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1030784) 301047.80N0853810.40W (13.4NM SE ECP) 295.6FT (265.7FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1505050450-1505200350
!ECP 05/004 ECP OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1031013) 301052.00N0852945.00W (18.7NM SE ECP) 543.6FT (498.7FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1505041654-1506041654
!ECP 04/024 ECP OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1057617) 303042.70N0852916.90W (18.6NM ENE ECP) 1285.1FT (1148.0FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1504272304-1505120400
!ECP 04/023 ECP OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1027366) 300834.00N0852528.00W (23.0NM SE ECP) 504.3FT (464.9FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1504241841-1505251840
!ECP 04/021 ECP OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1222710) 301141.70N0855000.80W (10.0NM S ECP) 331.0FT (315.0FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1504241649-1505242359
!ECP 04/014 ECP OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1225559) 302754.60N0860458.40W (16.1NM WNW ECP) 264.1FT (220.1FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1504191638-1505191637

Number of NOTAMs:  7        End of Report