Federal Aviation Administration
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Data Current as of: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 07:59:00 UTC

!BNA 11/320 GCY RWY 5 WIP CONST EQPT ADJ 1511271000-1602271000
!BNA 11/312 GCY OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1247950) 360058.00N0823138.00W (17.3NM SE GCY) 3558.1FT (310.0FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1511241927-1512241927
!BNA 11/288 GCY OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1248096) 360806.40N0825222.00W (4.8NM SW GCY) 1790.7FT (259.8FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1511201730-1512200830
!BNA 11/083 GCY AIRSPACE PJE WITHIN AN AREA DEFINED AS 3NM RADIUS OF GCY SFC-12500FT THU-MON 1400-0100 1511071400-1611070100
!BNA 09/311 GCY TWY A CLSD 1509221653-PERM

Number of NOTAMs:  5        End of Report