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Data Current as of: Mon, 14 Oct 2019 20:17:00 UTC

!GMJ 10/006 GMJ OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1237326) 364432.50N0944929.00W (9.1NM NNW GMJ) 1157.8FT (332.0FT AGL) U/S 1910142013-1911132013
!GMJ 10/005 GMJ OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1008146) 363449.00N0942836.00W (12.7NM E GMJ) 1378.6FT (242.8FT AGL) U/S 1910120552-1910270552
!GMJ 10/003 GMJ OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1296259) 363331.20N0942918.30W (12.4NM ESE GMJ) 1327.1FT (339.9FT AGL) U/S 1910101438-1910251437
!GMJ 10/002 GMJ OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1056346) 363542.00N0943806.00W (5.0NM E GMJ) 1194.2FT (298.6FT AGL) U/S 1910072046-1910212359
!GMJ 10/001 GMJ OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1263707) 363331.10N0942919.20W (12.4NM ESE GMJ) 1326.1FT (329.7FT AGL) U/S 1910070430-1910220429
!GMJ 09/007 GMJ OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1243813) 364659.00N0944200.00W (10.7NM NE GMJ) 1234.9FT (270.0FT AGL) U/S 1909201214-1910212359

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