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Data Current as of: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 20:08:00 UTC

!LCK 11/019 LCK OBST CRANE (ASN UNKNOWN) 394740N0825637W (0.5NM S APCH END RWY 05R) 
UNKNOWN (110FT AGL) FLAGGED AND LGTD 1611301248-1612312300
!LCK 11/018 LCK TWY G BTN APCH END RWY 23R AND APCH END RWY 23L CLSD 1611141631-1612051700
!LCK 11/017 LCK TWY E BTN RWY 05L/23R AND RWY 05R/23L CLSD 1611141630-1612051700
!LCK 11/016 LCK TWY C BTN RWY 05L/23R AND RWY 05R/23L CLSD 1611141629-1612051700
!LCK 11/015 LCK TWY B BTN APCH END RWY 05L AND APCH END RWY 05R CLSD 1611141627-1612051700
!LCK 11/013 LCK RWY 23L PAPI OUT OF SERVICE 1611140515-1612051200EST
!LCK 11/012 LCK RWY 05R/23L CLSD 1611141300-1612051700
!LCK 11/011 LCK NAV ILS RWY 05R OM NOT MNT 1611091516-1612071800EST
!LCK 11/010 LCK NAV ILS RWY 05R MM OUT OF SERVICE 1611091513-1612141800EST
!LCK 10/051 LCK RWY 05R ALS OUT OF SERVICE 1610282327-1612302000
!LCK 10/024 LCK APRON 1 RAMP CENTER TAXILANE CLSD 1610121055-1612312359EST
!LCK 09/044 LCK NAV ILS RWY 05R CAT II NA 1609301608-1703301800EST
!LCK 07/074 LCK NAV ILS RWY 23L OUT OF SERVICE 1607301405-1701051800EST
!LCK 06/041 LCK RWY 23L SEQUENCED FLG LGT OUT OF SERVICE 1606302006-1612312000
!LCK 05/032 LCK NAV ILS RWY 23L LOC OUT OF SERVICE 1605311408-1701311800EST

Number of NOTAMs:  15        End of Report