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Data Current as of: Sun, 01 May 2016 09:54:00 UTC

!MOB 04/021 MOB OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1039205) 305136.00N0882132.30W (11.6NM NNW MOB) 719.2FT (479.0FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1604280711-1605130400
!MOB 04/001 MOB TWY L1 HLDG PSN SIGN FOR RWY 15/33 NOT LGTD 1604011453-1606102300EST
!MOB 03/026 MOB TWY A3 ENTRANCE SIGN FOR RWY 15/33 OUT OF SERVICE 1603171358-1606102300EST
!MOB 03/025 MOB TWY R2 HLDG PSN SIGN FOR RWY 18/36 NOT LGTD 1603171348-1606102300EST
!ANB 03/114 SJI NAV TACAN 120-130 UNUSABLE 1603071733-1606302111EST
!ANB 03/113 SJI NAV TACAN 024-034 UNUSABLE 1603071732-1606302111EST
!MOB 03/005 MOB TWY B HLDG PSN SIGN FOR RWY 15/33 WEST SIDE NOT LGTD 1603010230-1606102300EST
!MOB 03/003 MOB TWY R1 HLDG PSN SIGN FOR RWY 18/36 NOT LGTD 1603010228-1606102300EST
!MOB 03/002 MOB TWY A1, A3, A6 HLDG PSN SIGN FOR RWY 15/33 NOT LGTD 1603010227-1606102300EST
!ANB 01/295 SJI NAV VOR 199-209 UNUSABLE 1601191520-1606302111EST
!ANB 01/248 SJI NAV VOR 355-015 BEYOND 20NM SFC-3900FT UNUSABLE 1601152131-PERM
!ANB 01/205 SJI NAV VOR 330-340 UNUSABLE 1601132201-PERM
!ANB 01/087 SJI NAV VOR 211-221 BEYOND 30NM SFC-5900FT UNUSABLE 1601061727-PERM
!ANB 01/085 SJI NAV VOR 233-243 BEYOND 22NM SFC-4900FT UNUSABLE 1601061726-PERM
!ANB 01/081 SJI NAV VOR 310-320 BEYOND 22NM SFC-7900FT UNUSABLE 1601061720-PERM

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