Federal Aviation Administration
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Data Current as of: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 12:14:00 UTC

!CDC 06/124 U14 AIRSPACE GLD WI AN AREA DEFINED AS 10NM RADIUS OF U14 SFC-25000FT 1706250100-1707022359
!CDC 06/123 U14 TWY A CLSD 1706250100-1707022359
!CDC 06/122 U14 RWY 17/35 CLSD DLY 1600-2100 1706251600-1707022100
!CDC 05/169 U14 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1210829) 394358.00N1115637.40W (3.4NM W U14) 6743.1FT (452.1FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1705301833-1706301739
!CDC 04/071 U14 AIRSPACE PJE WI AN AREA DEFINED AS 4NM RADIUS OF U14 SFC-15000 DLY 1300-0400 1704241300-1711050400
!CDC 01/155 U14 RWY 35 RWY END ID LGT OUT OF SERVICE 1701102116-1707102111EST
!CDC 01/154 U14 RWY 35 PAPI OUT OF SERVICE 1701102115-1707102111EST

Number of NOTAMs:  7        End of Report