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Data Current as of: Fri, 24 Mar 2017 19:52:00 UTC

!PIE 03/242 X52 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1031690) 273719.50N0803743.70W (5.5NM W X52) 306.8FT (279.9FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1703231905-1704071805
!PIE 03/240 X52 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1024647) 273153.00N0803448.00W (6.7NM SSW X52) 293.3FT (270.0FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1703231815-1704071715
!PIE 03/238 X52 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1054425) 272860.00N0803401.30W (9.2NM SSW X52) 276.9FT (253.9FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1703231800-1704070400
!PIE 03/217 X52 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1040741) 273221.50N0803610.30W (7.0NM SW X52) 442.9FT (418.0FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1703181019-1704171300
!PIE 03/151 X52 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1003082) 274309.00N0803441.00W (5.8NM NNW X52) 348.8FT (323.8FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1703132334-1704122359EST

Number of NOTAMs:  5        End of Report